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“Testimonial Tuesday” – Thank you, Robert!

We helped Robert sell his home in Antioch, TN and purchase a New Construction townhome in Goodlettsville, TN too! Here’s his story – in his words…

“What can be said about Glen and Adina Daniel and the Daniel Team? For various reasons I found myself on the verge of financial collapse […] –  My bills were all being paid on time but if I continued down the path that I was on, being current on my bills would not last long. I had to make a decision, sell my house or go bankrupt. A friend of my sister’s recommended Glen and Adina Daniel and said that I should give them a call. After reviewing my options, I decided to give the DANIEL Team a call. During my initial meeting with Glen and Adina I described my situation and how I came to be in that situation. Surprisingly enough they got it. They listened to what I had to say and they got it. I stated my objectives and expectations to Glen and Adina, my expectations were simple. I just wanted to walk away from my house with just enough money to move my personal belongings and rent an apartment somewhere. My main objective was to cut my loses and protect my credit rating. Glen told me that I was selling myself short because he felt that we could get more money for my house than I was expecting. I thought to myself “yeah, whatever, we’ll see.” Glen and Adina laid out a plan of action and part of that plan was to take care of a few cosmetic issues and do a deep cleaning. With a lot help and very little money we accomplished that task of making my house showable. Here is the amazing part of the story. We officially listed the house late afternoon on a Friday and the house sold the very next day, Saturday. The house had not been on the market for 24 hours before it sold. Even more amazing, we sold the house for about 5% more than what we were asking for it. Glen and Adina Daniel and the Daniel Team were able to get enough money out of my house that I was able to pay off some very significant debt and I was able to buy a brand new townhouse. I am still a home owner and I had relegated myself to becoming a renter. Glen and Adina Daniel saved my bacon big time. Thank you Glen and Adina! Here is what I know to be true about Glen and Adina Daniel and the Daniel Team. They do not make promises that they cannot keep. They do what they say they are going to do. They are completely up front and forthcoming about the entire selling process. They answer questions openly and honestly and they are not afraid to say no when they think that something will not work or cannot be done. I am not exaggerating when I say that absolutely everything that Glen and Adina told would happen did happen and in many cases exceeded what they told me would happen. Glen and Adina and everyone that I met on the Daniel Team are all genuinely good people. Oh, and by the way I relied upon the services of Glen and Adina Daniel to buy my new home. Everything that I have mentioned above holds true for the buying experience as well. My advice to anyone reading this. Do yourself a big favor, don’t sell your house or buy a house without at least talking to Glen and Adina. I am very thankful and grateful for having had the good fortune to cross paths with Glen and Adina Daniel.”


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