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Is Your Home Ready for the Spotlight? (preparing for listing photos of your home…)

Ready, Get Set, and LIST!!!

So, now you have made the excellent decision to list your home with “The DANIEL Team”… What’s next?

One of the things we do as we prepare to list your home actively FOR SALE and to go “live” for all the world to see, is to have professional pics taken of your property.  Here is a short list of things you can do on the day of the photo shoot to help ensure that your home has its best foot forward and its happy face on:

1. CARS OUT OF THE DRIVEWAY – For a full frontal shot of your home in all its curb-appeal glory, take a moment and make sure that all cars, garbage bins, toys, garden hoses, etc. are not distracting from that money-shot / first impression of your home!

2. DRAPES & BLINDS OPEN – Whether your home has tons of natural light or verges on the dark side, illuminate the stage for your home’s debue!

3. ALL LIGHTS & LAMPS ON – Spotlight time!

4. CLUTTER & CORD PATROL – Stash any unneccessary or non-photogenic items –  like bottles of vitamins on the bathroom counter, or dishsoap if it’s not in a pretty dispenser, or your iphone charger on the coffee table…

And last butt not least,

5. CLOSE THE TOILET SEAT LID!!! Have you ever looked at a home on Zillow (or better yet on our siote) and noticed that the toilet seat is open?  That bathroom could be the most elegant, wonderful potty in the world, butt what is the first thing your eyes are drawn to?  Not my choice of focal points! LOL

Have fun with this! Get excited! Let us get your home SOLD!

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