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“Hilarious House Happenings!” (episode #1)

Beware of Low Hanging Toilet Paper!!!

Ever have one of those moments where you just stop, pause, and start laughing hysterically out loud? This definately qualifies!  We had just remodelled our lake house and I asked for a Roomba robot vaccuum as a housewarming present.  Actually, it was more like a  “We survived our re-model without going insane or killing each other!” present. LOL Anyways, I got one.  We named him “Bumper” and he seems to chase Glen whenever they are in the same room. When he (Bumper) first arrived, I was so excited with him cleaning our new porcelain tile floors that look just like hardwood, and I turned around and there he was…. He had grabbed the low-hanging toilet paper and he was headed out the door!!!

Please share your “Hillarious House Happenings” with us! Text, email, or post  your laugh-out-loud homeowner moments!

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